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Show HN: EatUp Sponsors – get/give free food for meetups, tech and other talks (eatupsponsors.com)
16 points by andrewstuart 28 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

OP here!

I run a recruiting company, and I want to buy the pizza for local tech meetups here in Melbourne, Australia. And presumably there are meetups and hackathons and internal brown bag lunch presentations who would like free food for their attendees.

So I created a list of sponsors who are offering free food for tech talks, hackathons, meetups, heck even internal brown bag lunches!

The deal is that if you're running a hackathon, a meetup or internal brown bag lunch or whatever, and you want free pizza (or maybe sandwiches or something else) for your event, you provide a promotional message opportunity to the sponsor in return.

The idea is that people who run events that need food will come to this list to get it free.

So if you want to offer free food to tech talks, meetups, hackathons and brown bag lunches in your city, send an email to [email protected] and I'll add your company to the list.

Do you have plans to get this to other cities? I run a club that does tech workshops and tech talks and I think this would very helpful for us.

It's already anywhere in the world.

Send me a list of your tech workshops, website, the dates that they run, the city/county, and your email address, and tech talks and I'll list them as "seeking food sponsors".

Email [email protected]

Cool idea! A great way to get participants to come to these events, especially since they are usually after work during dinner time anyway.

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